Yuanzhi Liang

Xi'an Jiaotong University
Xi'an, China



I received the BE degree from Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China, in 2017. I start to pursue Master degree (MASc) at Xi’an Jiaotong Univerisity, Xi’an, China from Sep. 2017. Now, I am a member of SMILES LAB, and supervised by Prof. Prof. Xueming Qian and Prof. Li Zhu.

I was a reasearch intern in JDAI CV LAB under the supervision of Dr.Yalong Bai, and Dr.Wei Zhang from Aug. 2018 to Jun. 2019.

My research interests include visual relationships representation and application, crowd counting, face detetion, face recognition and fine-grained recognition.


  • First place in iMat Product Competition @ CVPR 2019 FGVC6 workshop.
  • First place in in Fieldguide Challenge: Moths & Butterflies @ CVPR 2019 FGVC6 workshop.
  • Second place in iFood Competition @ CVPR 2019 FGVC6 workshop.
  • Meritorious Winner in Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) 2016.
  • First Prize Scholarship in XJTU 2017 - 2019.
  • First, Third, Second Prize Scholarship in LZU 2013 - 2016.


  • Towards Better Railway Service: Passengers Counting in Railway Compartment [pdf]
    Yuanzhi Liang, Zhu Li, and Xueming Qian.
    Accepted by TCSVT

  • VrR-VG: Refocusing Visually-Relevant Relationships. [pdf]
    Yuanzhi Liang, Yalong Bai, Wei Zhang, Xueming Qian, Li Zhu and Tao Mei.
    Accepted by ICCV, 2019.

  • A Size Self-adaptive Method For RBCs Counting From Different Blood Smears Based On PCNN And Image Quality.
    Rong Ma, Yuanzhi Liang and Yide Ma.
    Accepted by BIBM 2016.

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